Road to market

Our road to market

Lee Robinson has a driving passion – great motorcycles and the motorbiking experience. He loves the new direction that small independent manufacturers are taking building electric powered motorcycles. He, and his team, are now very proud to be able to deliver some of these leading brands and beautifully designed machines road ready into the UK market.

​Lee says, ”The pleasure of motorcycling comes from experiencing the acceleration from corner to corner. When the motor is electric it gives seamless power with a large amount of torque and lets you have precise throttle control to enjoy the power. Motorcycling is about experiencing all your senses to feel the freedom that comes with it.

His business specialises in providing a range of premium electric motorcycles to individuals and dealers from carefully selected brands. The bikes are perfect for urban commuting and venturing beyond the city environment on or off road.

​Motoebikes is based in Guildford, within easy reach of London and more importantly (for sheer off road enjoyment) the Surrey Hills. Lee can often be spotted driving along classic routes like Box Hill and Newlands Corner – with a smile on his face.

We would love to talk to you to share our passion and for you to experience these great new motoebikes for yourself.