Price £12,650 +reg fees 2 year warranty Licence L3e (125cc equivalent)


MCR-M embraces sporty and finely crafted body shapes featured with Dual Batteries, 14″ wheels, a catchy LCD display and extra storage space. Traditional gear shift sensations are ingeniously well preserved thanks to pedal control regenerative braking system. With the power to reach 140 miles riding range per charge, daily commute and leisure can surely be satisfied. 


No clutch. No gears. Just go.


Charging Time - Overnight


Low maintenance


All eBikes are energy efficient


Mid Frame Motor
Continuous Power


Peak Power
Peak Torque


Battery Capacity
134Ah / 9.6kWh
Charge System
1.2kW Onboard Charger
Charge Time
3 hours 0-100%


Top Speed
80 mph
Range Urban
140 miles
Range Open Road
70 miles
Range Mixed
95 miles


Tubular Steel
Front Suspension
35mm USD Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension
218mm Monoshock with Piggyback, Fully Adjustable
Front Brakes
Brembo Fixed 32mm 4 Piston Caliper with 270mm Disc (CBS)
Rear Brakes
Brembo Fixed 32mm 2 Piston Caliper with 200mm Disc (CBS)
Front Wheel / Tyre
14″ 110/80
Rear Wheel / Tyre
14″ 140/70

Final Drive



Seat Height
Kerb Weight
Length / Height / Width
1924mm / 1204mm / 920mm

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Riding Modes Are Available in Ovaobike MCR-M

Ovaobike MCR-M has four riding modes: eco, sport, comfort and turbo.

In How Many Colours is Ovaobike MCR-M Available?

Ovaobike MCR-M is available in 4 colours: Azure blue, jungle green, volcanic red, and lightning gold.

What is the Top Speed of Ovaobike MCR-M?

Ovaobike MCR-M has a top speed of 130km/h in turbo mode and 120km in sport mode.

Generally, How Long Does an Electric Motorcycle Last?

Electric motorcycles are reliable and can last from 3 to 10 years on average.

How Much Does an Ovaobike MCR-M Cost in the UK?

Ovaobike MCR-M costs around £12,500 plus a registration fee and two years of warranty.

What is the Peak Power of Ovaobike MCR-M?

Ovaobike MCR-M motor has the peak power of 17kW.

Ovaobike MCR-M is an innovative, pioneering electric bike designed for bike lovers. The sleek and unique blend of power, comfort and speed distinguishes it from other e-bikes, making it a popular choice for bike enthusiasts.

A 750W motor powers the Ovaobike MCR-M with a peak torque of 279Nm, producing enough power to ride up even the steepest of hills. It has a top speed of 130km/h in turbo mode and 120km in sport mode, making it one of the fastest bikes in its class. Lithium-ion battery life gives you around 230 kilometres when running at 50 km/h. On top of that, this e-bike features a water-cooling system that allows you to have much finer control over motor temperature.

MCR-M has four spectacular modes of riding – eco, sport, turbo, and comfort – with convenient gear shifting and hydraulic disc brakes that offer excellent stopping power. 

The bike is available in four colours with a durable and sturdy frame; with an elegant LCD screen and display, you can easily have the information you need to know about the bike’s performance.

Ovaobike MCR-M is designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious riding experience. With speed, power and comfort combined, its powerful battery, suspension fork and comfortable saddle provide the smoothest ride – perfect for anyone hunting for a stylish and sophisticated e-bike.

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