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Ovaobike are superb premium electric motorbikes. They ooze quality, are beautifully designed futuristic art-pieces and built with top draw components

Motoebikes are an official Ovaobike UK dealer

Price £9,250 +registration fees


This funky looking electric scooter is new This ‘Mini City Racer’ carries one battery, given a riding range 66 miles per charge. Perfect for daily urban commuting and weekend entertainment.

Colours: Azure Blue / Volcanic Red / Jungle green

Price £12,650 +registration fees


The MCR-M embraces sporty, finely crafted body shapes and is equipped with Dual Batteries giving a huge range of 130 miles!! Escape the city with zero range anxiety!!

Colours: Volcanic Red / Jungle green / Azure Blue / Lightning Gold

Price £13,550 +registration fees


The top of the range MCR emphasises solitary riding joy. Traditional gear-shift sensations are ingeniously well preserved thanks to the pedal control regenerative braking system.

Colours: Eternal White / Aurora Blue / Lightning Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the speed range of Ovaobike Motorbikes?

The speed of the Ovaobike MCR series ranges from 105 km/h to 148 km/hr. MCR-H has a top speed of 105 km/h, MCR-M has a top speed of 130 km/h, and MCR-S has a top speed of 148 km/h.

When was the Ovaobike MCR series launched?

Ottobike launched its latest MCR electric motorbikes in 2021 under the new brand name Ovaobike. They showcased their bike range at EICMA in 2021.

When was the Ottobike Group founded?

Ottobike Group was founded in 2016 as an electric vehicle manufacturer.

How does MCR’s turbo function work?

It can be activated when you reach 80 km/h in sports mode. It will provide a temporary boost for 10 seconds if your battery is not more than 50% discharged.

What are the battery ranges for MCR Motorbikes?

The speed range for MCR-H is 110 km, for MCR-M is 230 km while for MCR-S is 210 km - at a speed of 50 km/h.

What does MCR stand for?

Full form of MCR is Mini Street Racer. However, due to the premium quality Ovaobike provides, the MCR series are not so mini in reality.

Ottobike Group, New Taipei City, Taiwan, is the vehicle manufacturer, comprising a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are committed to revolutionising moto racing forever. With its competent designs and manufacturing, the company aims to define the future of motorbikes with a worldwide revolution. Its new MCR series of Ovaobike electric motorcycles has laid the foundation stone for a radical journey ahead. Each of its new Ovaobike motorbikes is a demonstration of a perfect balance between design and power, the researchers and engineers making sure to craft a masterpiece that will change your concept of motorbikes forever.

Developed in cooperation with Noon Design and VPIC, Ovaobike motorbikes use some cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless yet power-packed ride to enthusiasts. They radiate the perfect combination of eye-catching designs, comfort and power. Each of the MCR bikes is equipped with four modes: eco, comfort, sports and turbo. The latest technology adjustable regenerative brakes are also added to provide maximum range and efficiency.

We, Moto E Bikes, are the official Ovaobike UK dealers. Contact us to place an order or book a test drive of your dreams.

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