Price £13,550 +reg fees 2 year warranty Licence L3e (125cc equivalent)


The design language of the MCR-S emphasises the joy of solitary riding. Equipped with 14″ wheels a catchy LCD display and a 16.6L storage space. Traditional gear shift sensations are ingeniously well preserved thanks to the pedal control regenerative braking system. While taking a tour with MCR-S, individuality is not just a character of the rider, but also a way of living.


No clutch. No gears. Just go.


Charging Time - Overnight


Low maintenance


All eBikes are energy efficient


Mid Frame Motor
Continuous Power
Peak Power
Peak Torque


Battery Capacity
67Ah / 9.6kWh
Charge System
1.2kW Onboard Charger
Charge Time
5.5 hours 0-100%


Top Speed
90 mph
Range Urban
130 miles
Range Open Road
65 miles
Range Mixed
95 miles


Tubular Steel
Front Suspension
35mm USD Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension
218mm Monoshock with Piggyback, Fully Adjustable
Front Brakes
Brembo Fixed 32mm 4 Piston Caliper with 270mm Disc (CBS)

Rear Brakes

Brembo Fixed 32mm 2 Piston Caliper with 200mm Disc (CBS)

Front Wheel / Tyre

14″ 110/80

Rear Wheel / Tyre
14″ 140/70
Final Drive


Seat Height
Kerb Weight
Length / Height / Width
1926mm / 1117mm / 920mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Designed the MCR-S Electric Bike?

Ottobike Group designed their MCR-S electric bike in cooperation with Noon Design and VPIC.

Where Was MCR-S Unveiled?

Ottobike unveiled its MCR-S bike at the EICMA event 2021, along with two other bikes, MCR-H and MCR-M.

When Can Its Turbo Mode Be Activated?

If you're riding the MCR-S in sport mode and reach a speed of 80 km/h, you can activate a temporary boost that lasts for 10 seconds, as long as your battery has not discharged more than 50%.

When Did Ottobike Group Launch Their Ovaobike MCR-S?

In 2021, Ottobike released its latest masterpiece, the MCR-S, under the new brand name Ovaobike.

What Are the Top Speed and the Range of the MCR-S Bike?

The MCR-S bike can go up to 90 mph and has an average range of 95 miles.

How Much Time Does Its Battery Need to Charge?

MCR-S has a very efficient battery that can go from 0-100% in 5.5 hours.

In the heart of every true motorcycle enthusiast lies a burning passion for speed, power, and innovation. The Ottobike Group shares this same fervour, determined to bring about a revolution in moto racing. With their expert team of designers and manufacturers, they have set their sights on shaping the future of motorbikes with a global impact. The all-new Ovaobike MCR-S marks the beginning of an epic journey that promises to redefine what it means to mount a motorbike. Their engineers and researchers have meticulously crafted each bike to strike the perfect balance between sleek design and raw power, creating a work of art that will leave you breathless. MCR-S bike has four modes, allowing you to switch between eco, comfort, sports, and turbo, depending on your mood and riding style.

As the official Ovaobike UK dealers, we take pride in bringing you the very best in motorbike technology. And instead of taking our mere words for it, book a test drive today and experience the ride of your dreams. Whether you are a seasoned bike rider or just starting out, the Ovaobike MCR-S is sure to leave a lasting impression. Contact us today to place your order and prepare to hit the road in style.

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