Sur-Ron Electric Bike Ultra Bee is Soon Going to Be on the Market!

An emerging trend that has recently seen a massive boom in the automotive industry is electric bikes. Cheaper and faster than cars, they serve as an ideal choice for short to medium journeys, if made road-legal. But when it is about filling up your life with adventure and thrill, and yourself with adrenaline and a pulsating heart rate, off-road or dirt bike are the choice to make.

Regarding electric bikes, Sur-Ron is preparing to launch its new off-road bike, Ultra Bee. And we are here to discuss how it compares with its LBX and Storm Bee Enduro.

Sur-Ron LBX

This is a remarkably light bike of 47 kg, or 103 pounds. It gives you up to 7kW of power, meaning you could get pretty much good acceleration with it. It makes a little noise, primarily because it is chain-driven bike and not a hub- or belt-driven one.

And to our massive delight, it has a road-legal version made after proper checks of features like suitable lighting indicators. The major difference between this road-legal version and the off-road bike is that the off-road bike is actually a de-limited bike, which means you have access to 6 kW of power and a maximum speed of 47 miles an hour. However, when made road-legal, it has a maximum speed of up to 30 miles an hour.

Just like lots of other bikes, it is possible to de-restrict this road-going version to enable you to also go 47 miles an hour.  Yet having access to the 6kW and 47 miles an hour and with such a light weight means it is a great performing machine.

The bike has a removal battery. And it has a fast charging ability of 3.5 hours used for up to 60 miles. With a 60V and 32A battery that weighs around 8 kg, it comes with big forks, big mudguards, and chunky tires, just what you expect from an off-road bike.

When you need to, you can pick up very quickly, which makes for quite a responsive ride. Just release the pressure that spills up into the springs, and you can shove it around and bounce around where you want.

Sur-Ron Storm Bee

This is louder than Light Bee (LBX), but it is a sound you will love. It has a cushy suspension and has also got a rain mode apart from eco, sport, and reverse. With a maximum power of 22.5 kW, 90 V 48A power battery, it comes equipped with a fastace fork and shock. It has 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel mounted to CST tyre. With the top speed of 75 mph and maximum range of 70 miles, it comes with an aluminium frame and weighs 291 pounds, hence, heavier than the Light Bee.

But here comes the neat idea for a dirt bike: regenerative brake energy; you pull on the brakes and power is generated back into the battery. It is peppier with the kind of mellow feeling, like a trail bike. It is soft, comfortable and easy going, with a heavy-bike kind of feel. Intended for dual sport – carrying headlights, blinkers and horns – it is an off-road bike, but unique in itself as it is an electric dirt bike.

Ultra Bee

An electric dirt bike, Ultra Bee comes with 12.5 kW of peak power, which is double that of the smaller Light Bee. It has got a removable battery with 74V 55A power totalling a capacity of just over 4kWh. With a 19-inch wheel front and rear, it is suspended by a fully adjustable KKE fork and shock.

Ultra Bee weighs 187 pounds and has a traction control system; you can change three different settings on the ASR – low, mid, and high. With a wonderful display that will power up once you turn the key on and an area underneath the seat built to transport your charger or any other items you may be carrying, it gives you access to several power modes: daily, eco, sport, and reverse. 

While it is not a full-sized dirt bike, it is still super flickable. Way lighter with a speed of up to 55 mph, it comes with CST tyres and feels awesome for a trail bike, a great option for motocross tracks or serious trails. With endless modification options and great power and breaks, the bike caters more to dirt riders with better ergonomics. 

So, if you want to let your adventures take you off roads to explore and cherish the gifts of nature, you can opt for an electric bike. You get to buzz around the rough terrains with unimaginable ease, power, and speed. And it sounds way better when you are also doing away with the traditional carbon emissions and breathing fresh volumes of air with electric motorbikes. 

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